Delicious Fruits for Easy Weight Loss

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Hi Everyone, today we will be discussing about the foods, fruits that everyone can consume for easy weight loss. Fruits are the best food that you can consume for easy weight loss and if someone ask “Can I lose weight by eating fruits for dinner?” Then the answer is a big yes. You can follow the fruit diet for weight loss in 7 days. For this course, you can consult the dietician near you. Below is the list of fruits for weight loss you can follow in your daily routine.

Goji berries

These are rusted red berries which are not only good in the task but also low in calories and the antioxidants present in it help distress the body.


Best time to eat is in breakfast.

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Intake of avocado is 1 medium sized per day. Although avocado is high in calorie the healthy fats and nutrients in avocado make it one of the best food for weight loss.


Best time to intake banana is in the morning


Surprisingly it is totally a myth that banana is a cause of weight gain. But according to recent studies banana plays a great role in weight loss because it contains fibre, vitamins and minerals which provide you energy and helps keep you energetic all day long and helps in keeping you away from diabetes.



Watermelon contains vitamins, minerals & water. So consuming watermelon when are hungry can keep your stomach full at least for an hour which will help you in weight loss without even knowing it.



Broccoli can be consumed in lunch or dinner. It protects you from weight gain, heart diseases, cancer and many other diseases.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish like salmon sneering mackerel and sardines should be consumed for weight loss and it also protects you from various diseases.


The pro-biotic & buttermilk helps in improving digestion and increase the number and types of good bacteria. Once your digestion is fixed it prevents fat and toxin accumulation in your body. You will start losing fat.

I hope this article i.e Delicious Fruits for Easy Weight Loss helps you. There are so many related articles waiting for you at which will be helpful to you and entertain you in the best possible way.


Can I lose weight by eating fruits for dinner?

The answer is YES.

Can I eat fruit at night and lose weight?

YES, the one can eat fruits at night for easy weight loss.

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